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I think it would be fun to do that.” Janet smiled, her bright, white teeth sparkling in the soft light pouring from the window. This was my first real interview, and I was determined not to let my twitchy thumb get the best of me. Of course, that’s my favorite class, even though I end up spending the whole time trying not to get busted for staring at him. The next day at the office, Janet handed me a hot-pink PDA. ” “Good point.” Most of my classmates would die laughing if an adult tried to help them find a date. I mean, no disrespect to anyone, but “great personality” can only get you so far in high school. I’ve got personality practically oozing out of my skin, but I’ve only had one boyfriend ever. I should have picked up the clue phone when he always wanted to do group things—with her tagging along, of course. But still, I couldn’t exactly picture her signing up with a dating service for help. The misfiring possibility alone made the job more difficult than it needed to be.